Project: Subscription Website | Dynamic Data Delivery
URL: (Login: Username: demouser Password: demopass)
Description: is a Joomla CMS customized with dynamic data pages to display daily financial research to subscribing members.
Project: Corporate Website
Client: Tactical Analytics, Inc
Project:Retirement Accounts Brochure | Print/eprint
Client: Redhawk Wealth Wealth Advisors Inc
Description: Four page, 4/C brochure. Focus on firm philosophy, selection of appropriate products and services, detailed product and services offerings.
Project: Curriculum Catalog Cover | Print/ePrint
Client: Redhawk Wealth Advisors Inc
Description: Design and production of this cover for "Redhawk University", the company's annual training event curriculum. The project was delivered as both a 4/C print version and an ePrint version for digital distribution.
Project: Branding & Identity
Clients: Tactical Analytics Inc, UltraSports LLC, Redhawk Wealth Advisors Inc, Tilted Funds LLC, Texas Todd's Jerky
Description: Corporate logos, branding and identity elements
Project: Landing page animation for
Description: HTML animation visualizing the website's services and features.